The Sri lanka will go bankrupt in a few days and it will not recover for decades | BBC Trends

The Sri lanka will go bankrupt in a few days and it will not recover for decades , A harsh statement in Parliament

The Sri lanka will go bankrupt in a few days and it will not recover for decades | BBC Trends
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The country is rapidly heading towards bankruptcy and if it goes bankrupt, it will not be able to save the country for decades, says Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Patali Champika Ranawaka.

He also stated that he will present a common plan in January to take the country forward.

The former Minister was responding to a question raised by journalists following a visit to the Malwatta and Asgiriya Mahanayake Theras today.

Former Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka further answering questions posed by journalists;

“If there is to be a general election, the president will have to dissolve parliament in February 2023. Before that the parliament itself has to be dissolved at will. It is 2025 that Parliament will be dissolved by nature. However, will this crisis eliminate the current situation with an election? Can an election solve that? Because in a situation where the President has all the powers, we have to be very intelligent as to whether it will be resolved in one way or another. However, Parliament has a huge responsibility here. Because under Article 148 of the Constitution, Parliament has the financial power. Now there is a financial crisis. Therefore, it has become the responsibility of every party in the government to go beyond the allegiances of these parties and their leaders. ”

The former Minister was responding to a question raised by journalists as to whether he would accept the invitation to contest as the common candidate of the Opposition.

“I do not have a common candidate issue. Because the elections are in December 2024. But the country is going bankrupt in the next 3-4 months. Therefore, the whole country should now think of a common program rather than a common candidate. ”

Q: You told a good story now. Will the government solve this problem through elections? He said the President has the power to decide whether to resolve this issue through another program or not. What’s that?

Answer: “Parliament can act. Parliament has the financial power. Parliament can take action on that. This has been done in other countries as well. There is a solution through Parliament.

Q: You have just stated that if the International Monetary Fund had been requested in any way, the country would not have been separated from the status quo of the past. It’s too late for that too. What is that situation?

Answer: In fact, I have just stated that it has now gone to the IMF in the history of our country. That is, in recent history, President Jayewardene in 1988 and then President Primadasa. Also President Mahinda Rajapaksa 2009-11. Also, in 2016-17 Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe have gone to the International Monetary Fund. But now the situation is not something that can be resolved by going to the International Monetary Fund. Now the situation is very serious. Going to the International Monetary Fund now, the International Monetary Fund is appointing financial advisers. This means that it is the responsibility of those financial advisers to start a discussion with the countries, institutions and organizations that have given us loans to restructure the loans. It means accepting that the country is bankrupt. So in this situation it is too late to go to the IMF. That is something that should have been done by 2020. ”

Q: Also, the International Monetary Fund has downgraded Sri Lanka’s credit rating to say it could fall further in the future as a country that has been challenged for non – repayment. How do you see the situation in this?

Answer: “So no matter what these people say, they are like the Governor of the Central Bank; The world recognizes Moody’s rating one by one. Investors decide whether to come to Sri Lanka to invest and accept letters of credit opened by Sri Lankan banks, so no matter what the central bankers say, today when it comes to importing coal, importing gas and importing gas, Sri Lanka’s capital From the three banks, namely Bank of Ceylon, People’s Bank and National Savings Bank, to private banks today, these issues have come to the fore. So, even though the people of the Central Bank tell fairy tales to the people of this country, fairy tales are of no use to the world. The world knows the most dangerous crisis Sri Lanka is facing today. ”

Q: Especially S. B. Minister Dissanayake held a press conference yesterday and said that in such a situation the illegal strikes and the demand for an increase in wages should be stopped immediately. They are lighting a red light and asking the government to take action. What do you think about this?

Answer: “Such warnings have come at the red light from those agencies that tell us.” Because after this country is branded as a country without law and order, we will not receive investment from any country. Tourists are afraid to come. Such fraudulent threats will only further tarnish the image of the country and not stabilize it. He has to get a ministry somehow. Go talk and do it. S. kindly appeals not to destroy the image of the country without it. B. We request the Minister. ”


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