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Sri Lanka Banking system in deep crisis Deficit of nearly half a trillion

Jan 19, 20224031 min read

Image Credit By Lanka C News Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka W.A. Wijewardene points out. He added that the crisis was exacerbated by the artificial control…

The Sri lanka will go bankrupt in a few days and it will not recover for decades , A harsh statement in Parliament

Dec 26, 20214295 min read

Image Credit By Lanka C News The country is rapidly heading towards bankruptcy and if it goes bankrupt, it will not be able to save the country for decades, says…

Compensation must be sought from Sri Lanka, says Chinese Fertilizer Company which bought $ 6.7 million

Dec 25, 20213091 min read

Image Credit By Lanka C News China’s Chindavo Siwin Biotech says compulsory compensation from Sri Lanka They also say that compensation should be paid at the Arbitration Center in Singapore…

Sri lanka Prime Minister Tirupati left on a private plane

Dec 25, 20213151 min read

Image Credit by Lanka C News The Frontline Socialist Party states that Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa recently paid a state visit to India on a private plane. According to Pubudu…

An airplane Sudden landing at Beruwala tourist beach in Sri lanka

Dec 23, 20213251 min read

* light aircraft emergency landing image : IMAGE CREDIT BY : dailymirror.lk Basic details of a light aircraft emergency landing at the Beruwela beach in Sri lanka :- A light…

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